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Fun Facts
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Fun Facts

Fraternities and Sororities provide a fun environment, where leadership and social skills are fostered and developed. These organizations produce graduates who are assets to the society in which we all live and belong. With that in mind, the following are some Fun and Interesting facts on just a few Fraternities and Sororities.

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Social or general Fraternities and Sororities, in the North American fraternity system, are those that do not promote a particular profession (as professional fraternities are) or discipline (such as service Fraternities and Sororities). Instead, their primary purposes are often stated as the development of character, literary or leadership ability, or a more simple social purpose. Some organizations in this list have a specific major listed as a traditional emphasis. These organizations are social organizations which cater to students in those majors. Other organizations listed have a traditional emphasis in a specific religion or ethnic background. Despite this emphasis, most organizations have non-discrimination membership policies.

Fraternity and Sorority — Fun Facts

Organization Fun Greek Fact Sorority / Fraternity
 Alpha Delta Pi 1st Secret Society for Women (Founded in 1851) Sorority
 Alpha Gamma Delta Only National Panhellenic Conference in Hawaii Sorority
 Alpha Gamma Delta 1st to Adopt a Philanthropy (Adopted in  1919) Sorority
 Alpha Gamma Delta 1st Non-Caucasian Initiate (University of British Columbia in 1953) Sorority
 Alpha Gamma Delta Widest Span of Chapters (Manoa, Hawaii to Halifax Nova Scotia — 5403 Miles) Sorority
 Alpha Kappa Alpha 1st Divine Nine Sorority (1908) Sorority
 Alpha Phi Oldest Sorority in Canada (Located in Toronto) Sorority
 Alpha Phi 1st Alumnae Initiate (1875) Sorority
 Alpha Phi Most Chapters in One State (They’ve 22 in California) Sorority
 Alpha Phi Alpha 1st Divine Nine Fraternity (1906) Fraternity
 Beta Theta Pi Oldest Continuously Published Magazine (First Published in 1872) Fraternity
 Beta Theta Pi Most 1st Chapters On Each Campus (13 Total) Fraternity
 Beta Theta Pi Create Alumni Chapters (1867) Fraternity
 Chi Omega Most Initiates (National Panhellenic Conference at 225,000+) Sorority
 Chi Omega Most Chapters (National Panhellenic Conference at 176+) Sorority
 Delta Delta Delta 1st to Publish a Book Length History Sorority
 Delta Gamma Only Sorority to Have a Male Initiate (Initiate was George Banta) Sorority
 Delta Sigma Phi 1st Dry House Fraternity
 Delta Sigma Theta Most Chapters (National Pan-Hellenic Council at 300+) Sorority
 Gamma Phi Beta 1st Sorority to be Called a Sorority Sorority
 Kappa Alpha Theta 1st Sorority to Use Greek Letters (First Use was in 1870) Sorority
 Kappa Alpha Theta 1st National Panhellenic Conference Sorority in Canada (Toronto) Sorority
 Kappa Alpha Theta Oldest Founding Chapter Still In Existence Sorority
 Kappa Kappa Gamma 1st to Publish a Quarterly Journal or Magazine – The Key (Published in 1882) Sorority
 Lambda Chi Alpha Most Chapters (Last Count = 364) Fraternity
 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Most Initiates (262,000 and Climbing) Fraternity
 Sigma Phi Epsilon 1st Fraternity to Abolish Membership Restrictions Based on Religion, Ethnicity, etc., Fraternity
 Theta Delta Chi 1st to Publish A Magazine (1869) Fraternity
 Theta Delta Chi’s Kappa Charge Longest Continuously Open Chapter (Since 1856) Fraternity
 Theta Kappa Nu / Lambda Chi Alpha Largest Fraternity Merger (Merged in 1939) Fraternity

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