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Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity also called “Sig Tau” is a U.S. college social fraternity founded on June 28, 1920 at University of Central Missouri (then known as Central Missouri State Teachers College). The fraternity was born out of the desires and aspirations of seventeen men in the belief that all men are social creatures and that friendships of college men are lasting ones. It rose as a result of friendships made while in the service of their country during World War I in France. By dedicating themselves to the highest ideals of manhood, brotherhood and citizenship, they would inspire thousands of men from all parts of the country who would follow in their footsteps.

In accordance with the founding of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity at Central Missouri State Teachers College, the fraternity created new chapters on the campuses surrounding teachers colleges (at the time also called “normal schools”). Since the fraternity’s beginnings in 1920, they have since spread to more than 140 university campuses across the United States.

Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity is an active member of the North-American Inter-fraternity Conference.

History — Founders

Four of the Founders; Emmett Ellis, Leland Thornton Hoback, Edward George Grannert, and William Glenn Parsons, had enlisted and served their country together during the First World War in France. Parsons commented that in founding the Fraternity they wanted to sustain a “sense of service, responsibility and affection for their companions.” These four, together with Allen Ross Nieman, Edward Henry McCune, Carl Nelson Chapman, Buell Wright McDaniel, George Eugene Hartrick, A. Barney Cott, Chiles Edward Hoffman, Rodney Edward Herndon, William Edward Billings, Clarence Willard Salter, Frank H. Gorman, Alpheus Oliphant Fisher, and Daniel Frank Fisher, were the 17 founders of the Fraternity.

When they returned to school in the summer of 1920, the Normal School they knew had been elevated by the Missouri legislature to a 4-year college granting bachelors degrees.

Several of the founders were members of the Irving Literary Society, but they wanted to cut across the boundaries of this and other literary societies to form their new fraternity. They wanted the most desirable men from each to join. On the morning of June 28, 1920, “at an unusually early hour” according to the original minutes, a list containing the names of about thirty men was posted on the college bulletin board by Emmett Ellis with a request to meet that afternoon for what was, to them, an unknown purpose.

According to the minutes, “the notice had the proper effect and, as requested, there appeared a goodly number of men to learn what was in store for them.” Founder Nieman, who had become familiar with fraternities while attending William Jewell College, was the principal organizer of the meeting. He explained the purpose of the meeting and told them what such an organization could mean to the men of the college. The men elected Leland Hoback temporary chairman and Emmett Ellis temporary secretary. They agreed to begin crafting the organization and adjourned until July 7, 1920.

The Founders were accompanied by Dr. Wilson C. Morris to present their petition to the faculty. Dr. Morris was a Sigma Nu in his college days and his influence was significant and the new Fraternity received recognition. Dr. Morris became the Fraternity’s first honorary member and served the Alpha chapter at Central Missouri as patron, counselor, and advisor until his death in 1947.

In the fall of 1920 a ceremony for initiation of new members was written and the chapter of 17 grew to 31 by its first anniversary in 1921. Founder Edward H. McCune recalled later that, “from the very beginning, Sigma Tau Gamma prospered, both in membership and service. Its challenge to students to live well and promote the spirit of brotherhood was continually being met by those who were seeking membership”.

Sigma Tau Gamma The Chain of Honor

Sigma Tau Gamma The Chain of Honor

Fraternity Organization

College chapters

— Main article: List of Sigma Tau Gamma chapters

The principal unit in the organization of the Fraternity is the college chapter. Delegates from the college chapters comprise the major part of the Grand Chapter, having the ultimate authority and responsibility for the Fraternity.

Alumni chapters

Alumni members living in a geographic area may organize an alumni chapter for the purpose of maintaining social ties with other members and continue their activity in the Fraternity. Alumni chapters are chartered by the Fraternity and send a delegate to the Grand Chapter. Unlike an alumni association, which includes alumni from a single college chapter, an alumni chapter includes alumni in a particular region, from any college chapter.

Grand Chapter

— Main article: List of Sigma Tau Gamma National Meetings

Sigma Tau Gamma is organized into a Grand Chapter. The body of the Grand Chapter meets biennially and is the supreme legislative authority of the Fraternity. Representatives of the collegiate chapters, alumni chapters, alumni associations, members of the Board of Directors, past presidents of the Fraternity, and members of the Society of Seventeen are voting delegates of the Grand Chapter.

The Grand Chapter has the authority to legislate for the good of the Fraternity and to adopt and amend the Constitution and Laws. Through the acts voted upon at the Grand Chapter meeting, voting delegates determine the broad policies of the Fraternity.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body elected by the Grand Chapter, and is made up of the president, president-elect, four directors at large, and the two immediate past presidents. An executive vice president is employed by the Board of Directors and is the chief executive officer. He directs the professional staff of the Sigma Tau Gamma Headquarters who in turn direct the efforts of volunteer staff that support the regions, advisors, and chapters of the Fraternity.

The Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation exists to support the programs of the Fraternity. It is governed by an 18 member Board of Trustees that is elected by the Fraternity Board of Directors. The Executive Vice President of the Fraternity serves in a similar role for the Foundation.

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Sigma Tau Gamma (ΣTΓ)

  • Founded On: June 28th, 1920 – Central Missouri State University
  • Type: Social Fraternity
  • Colors: Azure Blue and White
  • Flower: White Rose
  • Nicknames: Sig-Tau-Sigma-Tau-Gamma
  • Chapters: 70 Undergraduate
  • Website:
  • Motto: Μια διαδρομή Αρχών — “A Path of Principles”

Sigma Tau Gamma’s Flag

Sigma Tau Gamma


Official Colors

1st Color 2nd Color 3rd Color
Azure Blue White N/A


Symbolic Representation(s):

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