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Phi Kappa Sigma (ΦΚΣ) is an international all-male college secret and social fraternity. Its members are known as “Phi Kaps”, “Skulls” and sometimes “Skullhouse”, the latter two because of the skull and crossbones on the Fraternity’s badge and coat of arms. Phi Kappa Sigma was founded by Dr. Samuel Brown Wylie Mitchell at the University of Pennsylvania. Mitchell recorded the initial ideas and concepts of Phi Kappa Sigma on August 16, 1850. He then began to discuss the idea with other students, first Charles Hare Hutchinson, and then Alfred Victor du Pont (son of Alfred V. du Pont), John Thorne Stone, Andrew Adams Ripka, James Bayard Hodge, and Duane Williams. The seven men formally founded the Fraternity on October 19, 1850 becoming the founding fathers of Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma was a charter member of the North-American Interfraternity Conference, and is headquartered in Chester Springs PA.

The Objects of Phi Kappa Sigma

The objects of the Fraternity shall be the promotion of good fellowship and the cultivation of the social virtues among its members; the protection of the just rights and the advancement of the best interests, present and future, individual and collective, of all those who shall be associated together as members of the Fraternity; the encouragement of good scholarship and breadth of training for its members; and cooperation in the educational and cultural programs of institutions of higher education in which Chapters are located.

Phi Kappa Sigma Badge
Phi Kappa Sigma Badge


The fraternity’s badge was designed by its founder, Dr. Samuel Brown Wylie Mitchell. Outside of changes in size, its official design has remained the same. In the shape of a Maltese cross, the badge is old gold with black decoration. The center of the cross is anchored by a skull and crossbones. The four leafs of the cross display, individually, the Greek letters Phi, Kappa, and Sigma, starting at the left leaf and rotating counter-clockwise. The fourth and top leaf display a six-pointed star. The back of the badge has an engraved serpent echoing the serpent from the Fraternity’s coat of arms.

The Statement of Core Values

At the Fraternity’s 90th Grand Chapter (June 24, 2000 in Philadelphia) and as part of the celebration of the Fraternity’s 150 year anniversary, undergraduate chapter representatives composed and adopted the Fraternity’s “Statement of Core Values”. The values: Trust, Honor, Respect, Knowledge, Wisdom, Responsibility, and Integrity, were adopted as a re-commitment to the founding values of the fraternity.

Notable members

The Phi Kappa Sigma chapter at Washington & Jefferson College in 1872

The Phi Kappa Sigma chapter at
Washington & Jefferson College in 1872

  • Henry Kyd Douglas, (1840–1903) was General Stonewall Jackson’s youngest staff member and personal aide. He was the author of The Douglas Diary: Student Days at Franklin and Marshall College 1856-1858 , published by Franklin and Marshall College, PA in 1973 and he was the author of I Rode With Stonewall , published by his nephew John Kyd Beckenbaugh.
  • Jorge Andres, ESPN SportsCenter Anchor – ESPNews (Beta Omega chapter – Radford University)Former NFL Play by play Anchor/Telemundo/ESPN radio host.
  • Alex Kogelman, Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee Champion.
  • Denny Crum, Basketball Head Coach, University of Louisville. (NCAA Champions, 1980 and 1986).
  • Bob Riley, Politician – former Governor of Alabama.
  • Roger B. Chaffee, Navy Pilot, NASA Astronaut, killed during Apollo 1 training exercise.
  • Stanley V. Hiller, Jr., Helicopter Pioneer ; One of the world’s three principal developers of vertical flight.
  • George David Low, NASA Astronaut, Orbital Sciences Corporation executive.
  • James G. Roche, 20th Secretary of the Air Force.
  • Paul Lynde, comedian and actor, appeared on game show Hollywood Squares, as the “center square,” played Uncle Arthur on Bewitched.
  • Derek Bok, 25th President of Harvard University, 7th Dean of Harvard Law School.
  • Skip Bayless, Sports Journalist, ESPN Anchor.
  • John Curley, first editor of USA Today, former head of Gannett News.
  • Tom Wolfe, bestselling author of The Bonfire of the Vanities.
  • Lewis F. Powell, Jr., Supreme Court Justice, Former.
  • John A. McCone, CIA Director during Cold War.
  • David Nolan, Libertarian Party Founder – Inventor of the Nolan chart.
  • Alexis F. du Pont, Director of DuPont de Nemours (currently DuPont).
  • Pierre S. du Pont, Director of DuPont de Nemours (currently DuPont), Former CEO of General Motors.
  • Frederick de Cordova, Producer, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson; Producer and Director, Jack Benny Show and My Three Sons.
  • Charles L. Jarvie, President, Dr Pepper Co.
  • Dr. Ric Caric, noted political theorist and professor at Morehead State University.
  • David G. Humphrey, former Superior Court of Ontario justice.
  • Edward Mills Purcell, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics.
  • Oleg Kozachenko, renowned Russian philosopher and economist.
  • Frank McGuire, Head Basketball Coach, University of South Carolina.
  • Cyrus Wadia, Senior Policy Analyst, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and winner of Technology Review’s top innovators under 35 award in 2009.
  • Dan Chaon, Author of Among the Missing, Await Your Reply, finalist National Book Award.
  • Skip Dise, Member of 2010 US National Rowing Team.
  • Steven Zierk, 2010 World Under 18 Chess Champion.
  • Curt Christianson, Author of ASP.NET 3.5 Content Management System Development, 10 time Microsoft MVP international award winner.
  • Kelvin Sampson, American basketball coach, currently an assistant coach with the Houston Rockets.
  • James Legg, President and CEO at PHD Virtual Technologies, EVP and GM Unitrends, Vice President Worldwide Sales Idera Software, Vice President Sales NetIQ/PentaSafe.
  • James A. Champy, A leading authority on business re-engineering, organizational change, and corporate renewal. Member of the MIT Corporation, Board of Trustees, and Board of Directors of Analog Devices, Inc

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Phi Kappa Sigma (ΦΚΣ)

  • Founded On: August 16th, 1850 – University of Pennsylvania
  • Type: International Fraternity
  • Colors: Black and Old Gold
  • Flower: Yellow Chrysanthemum
  • Nicknames: Phi Kaps, Skulls, Skulls and Bones, or Skullhouse
  • Chapters: 46 Active
  • Website:
  • Motto: Stellis Aequus Durando — “Equal to the Stars in Endurance”

Phi Kappa Sigma’s Flag

Phi Kappa Sigma


Official Colors

1st Color 2nd Color 3rd Color
Black Old Gold N/A


Symbolic Representation(s):

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