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Phi Gamma Delta (also known as FIJI) is a social fraternity with more than 120 active chapters and 18 colonies across the United States and Canada. It was founded at Jefferson College, Pennsylvania, in 1848. Along with Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Gamma Delta forms a half of the Jefferson Duo. Since its founding in 1848, the fraternity has initiated more than 170,000 brothers. The nickname FIJI is used commonly by the fraternity due to Phi Gamma Delta bylaws that limit the use of the Greek letters.

History — Founding

The organization was founded on April 22, 1848, at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Six college students gathered in a dormitory room (known by the students as “Fort Armstrong”) to establish a secret society. The society they formed was initially called “The Delta Association”. The founders, referred to by members as the “Immortal Six”, were John Templeton McCarty, Samuel Beatty Wilson, James Elliott Jr., Ellis Bailey Gregg, Daniel Webster Crofts, and Naaman Fletcher.

The first regular meeting of Phi Gamma Delta and the adoption of the Fraternity’s Constitution took place on May 1, 1848. Consequently, May 1 was chosen to be “Founder’s Day” at the 43rd Convention held in 1891 and has traditionally been celebrated as the founding date of the Fraternity.


Phi Gamma Delta has chosen not to use the term alumni for members who have graduated; post collegiate members are referred to as Graduate Brothers, to imply that membership extends past the undergraduate experience. Similarly, one of the mottoes used by the organization is, “Not For College Days Alone”.

Phi Gamma Delta’s mission statement lists five core values for its members: friendship, knowledge, service, morality, and excellence. In addition, members are encouraged to live by three priorities in a specific order: first, scholarship, second, fraternity, and third, self. This ordering is due to the fact that members attend university with the foremost goal of receiving an education, and that Phi Gamma Delta is a fraternity that promotes scholastic achievement amongst its members.

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Phi Gamma Delta (Official: ΦΓΔ) (Common: FIJI)

  • Founded On: May 1st, 1848 at Jefferson College
  • Type: Social Fraternity
  • Colors: Royal Purple
  • Flower: Purple Clematis
  • Nicknames: FIJI
  • Chapters: 113 Chapters, 13 Colonies
  • Website:
  • Motto: Φιλότης Γλυκυτάτη Δυναστεία — “Friendship, the Sweetest Influence”

Phi Gamma Delta’s Flag

Phi Gamma Delta


Official Colors

1st Color 2nd Color 3rd Color
Royal Purple N/A N/A


Symbolic Representation(s):

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