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Lambda Theta Phi is a non-profit social fraternity in the United States. It was founded on December 1, 1975 as a Latino Fraternity in the U.S. at Kean College in Union, New Jersey. It emphasizes Latin unity and the celebration of the Latin culture. In 1992, Lambda Theta Phi was accepted into the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC). With its acceptance into the North-American Interfraternity Conference in 1992 it became the first nationally recognized Latino Greek lettered organization in the U.S. In 1994, with the release of The History of Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity, Inc., the fraternity published a historical account about its organization.

Lambda Theta Phi has received commendations from the American Red Cross for its fundraising efforts on behalf of victims of earthquakes in Italy and Mexico, mud-slides in Puerto Rico, volcanic eruptions in Colombia, the homeless in the United States and hurricanes in Florida. Lambda Theta Phi has also received commendations from the Division of Youth and Family Services, various other community service organizations as well as proclamations, resolutions and commendations from the United States Congress and some state legislatures. The American Heart Association also commends Lambda Theta Phi for adopting the association as their National Philanthropy. Some of the fraternity’s chapters have raised $1,000 or more for the fight against heart disease.

Although Lambda Theta Phi is Latino by tradition, membership is open to all college males. Since its founding, the organization has expanded across the United States. The organization strives to make an impact on not just undergraduate students, but also their surrounding community at large, through positive social actions. Lambda Theta Phi’s goals are to promote scholarship, Latin unity, respect for all cultures and brotherhood.


On December 1, 1975, history was made – history on a college campus, which would transcend other colleges/universities throughout the United States; history which would have a positive impact on the Latino community and our nation; history which would forever change the Greek system, more specifically, the entity known as a fraternity. On December 1, 1975, Lambda Theta Phi was founded on the campus of Kean College in Union, New Jersey.

In 1975, there were no Latino fraternities in existence in the United States. The Greek-letter organizations of the time primarily catered to Anglo and African-American students and graduates. Lambda’s founders, as men of vision, realized there was a need to unite the Latino students, develop their leadership skills, impart upon them the value of an education, and instill in them a commitment to their community and culture. The traditional student club would not suffice to accomplish such lofty goals. Hence, Latino unity and brotherhood would be achieved through a long recognized institution – the fraternity. This newest addition to the Greek system would be the first in the nation, by identity and by name: Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Incorporated.

The ideals of this brotherhood are the following: Academic Excellence; Brotherhood; Leadership; Latino Unity; Service. On a daily basis, our brothers live up to these ideals, as set forth by fourteen young Latino men decades ago.

At the undergraduate level, our brothers are active within the Fraternity and in other student organizations. Our brothers perform community service, promote our culture by sponsoring events which highlight and celebrate our heritage, participate in educational workshops, and enjoy many social programs. As a result of their active participation in every aspect of college life, our undergraduates are developing their organizational, communication, and leadership skills, all while pursuing the coveted diploma. Our younger Lambdas are receiving the training and competence to serve as the future leaders of our brotherhood, community, and nation.

At the professional level, among our ranks you will find attorneys, doctors, and engineers. Our brothers are shaping young minds as educators and as dedicated fathers. The men in brown and white are defending this country at home and abroad in the area of law enforcement and in the armed forces. We are strengthening our country’s economy as entrepreneurs. Our brothers are teaching leadership as coaches, mentors, and community activists. The Lambdas are affecting policy and change as elected officials serving on City Councils, Boards of Education, U.S. House of Representatives, and U.S. Senate. In short, Lambdas are contributing and excelling in every facet of human endeavor.

Since our founding, Lambda Theta Phi has established chapters in every region of the country at both the undergraduate and professional levels. Our brotherhood continues to provide the necessary skills and resources for the advancement and empowerment of our people and for the betterment of this nation.

Our illustrious history is not only our past but our guiding light to the future. As the first, we overcame many obstacles. Not having much guidance in our formative stages, we persevered and became stronger. Lambda is the product of vision, strength, and unity. Our history serves as a legacy and testament to our accomplishments and greatness.

Lambda Theta Phi … Academic Excellence – Brotherhood – Leadership – Latino Unity -Service.

Founding Fathers

Lambda Theta Phi has 14 Founding Fathers
Wilfredo Ayes Juan Hernández
Hiram Cardona Rinaldo Lago
Rafael Crespo Luis Miranda I
David Díaz Henry Muñoz
Agustín García Walter Pardo-Villa
Enrique García Raul Roger
José Ginarte Raymond Rosa


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Lambda Theta Phi (ΛΣΥ)

  • Founded On: December 1st, 1975 at Kean College
  • Type: Social Fraternity
  • Colors: Brown and White
  • Flower: White Carnation
  • Nicknames: Lambdas
  • Chapters: 102 Undergraduate Chapters, 26 Colonies and 16 Alumni Associations
  • Website:
  • Motto: Ιπποτισμού Πάνω Αυτο — “Chivalry Above Self”

Lambda Theta Phi’s Flag

Lambda Theta Phi


Official Colors

1st Color 2nd Color 3rd Color
Brown White N/A


Symbolic Representation(s):

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