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Lambda Phi Epsilon (ΛΦΕ, also known as Lambdas, LPhiE, LFE, or 人中王) is the first and only internationally recognized Asian American interest fraternity. Lambda Phi Epsilon is affiliated with both the North-American Interfraternity Conference and the National APIA Panhellenic Association.


Lambda Phi Epsilon was formed on February 25, 1981 at the University of California, Los Angeles. Noting that Asian fraternities and sororities at the University of California campuses were recognized only as service organizations due to their membership’s focus on specific Asian groups and exclusion of other ethnic groups, the founders aimed to create a fraternity that transcends the traditional boundaries of national origins, bridges the gaps between those communities, and is recognized by the Greek community at large. While the original charter focused on Asian Pacific Americans, people from all ethnic backgrounds were welcome to join. Craig Ishigo and Darryl Mu signed the charter as president and vice president.

Within a few years, the fraternity had chartered to the University of Texas, Austin (Zeta Chapter), the State University of New York, Buffalo (Nu Chapter), and the University of Michigan (Xi Chapter). In 1990, the organization was recognized by the North-American Interfraternity Conference, being the first Asian Interest fraternity to do so. State University of New York, Buffalo (Nu Chapter) was Lambda Phi Epsilon’s first chapter to be chartered on the American East Coast. Starting as Delta Gamma Tau, on September 15, 1992, this fraternity merged with Lambda Phi Epsilon (effectively taking on Lambda Phi Epsilon’s letters) to unify organizations with identical purposes and to strengthen the Asian American voice in the campus community. On December 5, 2004, Lambda Phi Epsilon established a colony at the University of Toronto (Alpha Xi Chapter), which was the first chapter of the fraternity established outside the United States. Today, Lambda Phi Epsilon has initiated over 10,000 members—the largest number of any Asian American interest fraternity in existence


The fraternity’s national philanthropy works to raise awareness for bone marrow drives. For patients with leukemia or any other blood disorder, the best chance of finding a matching donor lies within their own ethnic community. Asian donors comprise a small fraction (7% as of January 2013) of the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP). Because of this, every chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon hosts several bone marrow drives in conjunction with organizations like the Asian American Donor Program, Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches, and the former Cammy Lee Leukemia Foundation to inform, educate, and recruit potential marrow donors for the NMDP. Lambda Phi Epsilon recognized bone marrow drives as the national philanthropy when Evan Chen, a member from Stanford University, was diagnosed with leukemia in 1995. The fraternity organized a campus-wide movement to find a bone marrow match for Chen. What resulted was the largest bone marrow typing drive in the history of the NMDP and AADP. In a matter of days, over 2000 people were typed. A match was eventually found for Chen, but by that time, the cancer had taken its toll and he died 1996. Since then, the fraternity organizes annual bone marrow drives to help others find matching donors. Collectively, chapters of Lambda Phi Epsilon amass hundreds of new registrants every year in national campaigns like Save Janet Liang and Save Nina Louie.

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Lambda Phi Epsilon (ΛΦΕ)

  • Founded On: February 25th, 1981 at UCLA
  • Type: Society Fraternity
  • Colors: Royal Blue and White
  • Flower: N/A
  • Nicknames: Lambdas-LFE
  • Chapters: 58 Chapters
  • Website:
  • Motto: ΗΓΕΜΟΝΕΣ ΕΝ ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΙΣ ΕΙΝΑΙ — “Leaders Among Men”

Lambda Phi Epsilon’s Flag

Lambda Phi Epsilon


Official Colors

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Royal Blue White N/A


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