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Kappa Delta Rho (ΚΔΡ, also known as KDR) is an American college social fraternity, with 78 chapters (38 of which are active) spread out over the United States, primarily in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. Kappa Delta Rho’s open motto is Honor Super Omnia, or Honor Above All Things.

History — Founding and Development

Kappa Delta Rho was founded in room 14 of Old Painter Hall at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont on May 17, 1905. Middlebury was the site of three other national fraternities during that eventful first year, namely Chi Psi, Delta Kappa Epsilon and Delta Upsilon. However, not finding these organizations to their liking, the founders of the fraternity chose the more difficult, and ultimately successful, course of creating their own new organization. Kappa Delta Rho was the creation of a group of men from the Middlebury Commons Club by ten principal founders: George Edwin Kimball, Irving Thurston Coates, John Beecher, Pierce Wordsworth Darrow, Thomas Howard Bartley, Benjamin Edward Farr, Gideon Russell Norton, Gino Arturo Ratti, Chester Monroe Walch and Roy Dyer Wood.

The first year was busy: Founders Kimball, Walch and Ratti met by committee to draft the ritual, open motto, and a constitution. Walch created the fraternity’s secret motto and password. For its organizational structure, the founders chose Roman nomenclature for fraternity positions, evocative of Roman values. Ratti, who had previous artistic experience, designed the coat of arms and helped develop the ritual. He also chose the fraternity’s colors and flower.

This flurry of activity was soon noticed by a representative from Delta Tau Delta fraternity, who met with the founding members to discuss absorption of KDR into DTD. While the Founders indeed had expressed some interest in joining a national fraternity, the debate soon turned against this idea. In Kimball’s words: “We had decided that we preferred to paddle our own canoe and took no further action in the matter.” Yet the idea of national expansion took root, and by 1913, KDR had established its second chapter, Beta, at Cornell, and soon after, its third chapter, Gamma, at SUNY Albany.

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Kappa Delta Rho (ΚΔΡ)

  • Founded On: May 17th, 1905 – Middleburgy College
  • Type: Society Fraternity
  • Colors: Middlebury Blue and Princeton Orange
  • Flower: Red Rose
  • Nicknames: KDR-Kappa-Delta-Rho
  • Chapters: 38 Chapters
  • Website: www.kdr.com
  • Motto: Honor Super Omnia — “Honor Above All Things”

Kappa Delta Rho’s Flag

Kappa Delta Rho


Official Colors

1st Color 2nd Color 3rd Color
Middlebury Blue Princeton Orange N/A


Symbolic Representation(s):

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