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Delta Alpha Theta Mascot - Jaxon the Monkey

Delta Alpha Theta
Mascot — Jaxon the Monkey

DAT was founded October 5, 2005, at the University of Windsor in Windsor, ON. We now have initiated over 100 members into our growing organization.

Delta Alpha Theta is a local sorority that is nationally registered and recognized in Canada, Delta Alpha Theta is therefore a national sorority and we are the only chapter in the world! This gives us the freedom to embark on our own missions and projects and lets us plan the activities we’d like to plan. We believe in not being followers, but in being modern innovators. Today, there are over twenty local and national sororities that were founded in Canada and we are so proud to be the only Canadian founded sorority at the University of Windsor!

Delta Alpha Theta Seal (Mockup)

Delta Alpha Theta Seal (Mockup)

Our letters represent the three letters of our name, as well as our three pillars – the different parts of oneself that we look for, strive to improve, and focus on the most.

Delta – Determination: every girl should be full of determination in order to successfully attain what she wants the most. As sisters, we help each other stay determined to do our best.

Alpha – Academics: what’s a post secondary education without at least a little bit of school thrown in? DATs work together through study dates and moral support to excel in school. We even have two scholarly awards, presented at the end of the year.

Theta – Teamwork: a large group of girls means a lot of teamwork is necessary. We work together to do everything – and have weekly meetings to plan activities and projects as a team.

The Lehoux Standard

Our sisters are…

Ambitious and open-minded
Independent and confident
Charismatic and fun to be with
Honest women with integrity
We respect ourselves and all others
We are women of strong values that parallel to those of Delta Alpha Theta.
We believe in leadership and team work
We take pride in academics and are determined to do our best
We desire to contribute to our community
We remain optimistic when faced with challenges
We believe in keeping an outstanding reputation for ourselves
We are virtuous in all we do.


Delta Alpha Theta Flower - White Lilly

Delta Alpha Theta
Flower — White Lilly

Quick facts

  • Official Flower —  The White Lilly
  • Official Colours — Pink, Black & Silver
  • Mascot — Jaxon the Monkey
  • Our Pillars — Determination, Academics and Teamwork
  • Official Symbol — The DAT girl
  • Unofficial Symbol — The Bow


Founding Mothers

The earliest days of Delta Alpha Theta began in the summer of 2005. Despite running into many difficulties, the founding members of Delta Alpha theta persevered until they achieved their dream. On October 5th, 2005 Delta Alpha Theta became an Optimist Club and a sorority on the University of Windsor Campus.

Delta Alpha Theta
Symbol — The DAT Girl

  • Suzy Akel
  • Lisette Malfait
  • Jenni-Lynne Buchanan
  • Megan Quick
  • Michelle Lehoux
  • Melissa Barkley
  • Vanessa Lajeunesse
  • Sarah Coutts
  • Amanda Richards
  • Laura Terry
  • Jenna Lain


Read More History on Delta Alpha Theta on Wikipedia

Delta Alpha Theta (ΔΑΘ)

  • Founded On: October, 2005 – University of Windsor, Ontario
  • Type: Social Sorority
  • Colors: Pink, Black, and White
  • Flower: White Lilly
  • Nicknames: Delta-Alpha-Theta
  • Chapters: 1 Chapter
  • Website:
  • Motto: Προσδιορισμός, Ακαδημαϊκοί, ομαδική εργασία  — “Determination, Academics, Teamwork”

Delta Alpha Theta’s Flag

Delta Alpha Theta


Official Colors

1st Color 2nd Color 3rd Color
Cardinal Straw N/A


Symbolic Representation(s):

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© 2005 Delta Alpha Theta

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